Ambassador IWAI honors Ms. Samah Kamil, a Manga creator of Manga Arabia LLC. for the 17th Japan International Manga Award

(左)サマーハ氏、(右)岩井大使 Ms. Samaha's family attended the ceremony.
サマーハさんのご家族も式典にご出席されました。 (left) Ms. Samah, (right) Ambassador Iwai
マンアラ (left) Ms. Samah, (center) Ambassador Iwai, (left) Issam Al-Bukhari, Editor-in-Chief of Manga Arabia
マンアラチーム Ambassador Iwai delivered his congratulatory address.
いさーむぶはーりー Dr.Issam delivered his speech.
 Ambassador IWAI hosted caremony at his residence to celebrate Ms. Samah Kamil, a Manga Creator of Manga Arabia LLC., with the Encouragement Award of the 17th Japan International Manga Award.

 The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan founded the International Manga Award in 2007 for the purpose of expanding international exchange and mutual understanding through the culture of Manga. This award honours Manga artists who contribute to the development of Manga culture in the world.
 In his speech, Ambassador IWAI extended his congratulations to Ms. Samah Kamil, the winner of the award, saying that her work "Spectrum" received high praise from the judges for its emphasis on the importance of awareness and education for the autism spectrum.
 Ambassador Iwai said, “This award is attributed to Mr. Samah's creativity, as well as to Manga Arabia's commitment in empowering human resources and developing the pop culture in the Kingdom.
 Dr. Essam Al-Bukhary, the General Manager and Editor-in-Chief of Manga Arabia, stated: "We are delighted at Manga Arabia to represent the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Arab world on the global stage through the success of the 'Spectrum' team in achieving third place in the Japan International Manga Award. This accomplishment marks a historic milestone in exporting Saudi and Arab creativity, and we will continue our journey in empowering Arab talents and competencies."
 Ms. Samah commented: "Words cannot describe the amount of happiness I feel. Winning at international manga competitions has always been a dream of mine. This dream has come true after joining Manga Arabia and working with a creative and wonderful team."
あふれむ作品 Painting by the author Ms.Ahlem Khedri
(中)岩井大使、(中右)イサーム・ブハーリー・マンガアラビア編集長、他マンガアラビア社製作チーム (middle) Ambassador Iwai, (middle right) Dr.Issam Bukhari, Editor-in-Chief of Manga Arabia, and Manga Arabia production team