The 3rd Japan Festival

 The Embassy of Japan in Saudi Arabia held the "Japan Festival," an event to introduce Japanese culture, on November 17 and 18 at the Culture Palace in Riyadh, welcoming more than 3,000 visitors on both days as part of diplomatic activities aimed at promoting understanding of Japan and building pro-Japanese sentiment. The event was jointly organized by JETRO Riyadh Office, the Japanese Community in Riyadh, and The Royal Commission for Riyadh City (RCRC).
  In addition to the exhibition booths by Japanese companies and Japanese-related companies with offices in Riyadh and GCC areas, there were Japanese cultural booths to introduce Japanese culture, including Yukata fitting experience, Japanese calligraphy name-writing, Traditional toys such as Kendama,and origami, Chatting corner, and Mizuhiki (a decorative string made of Japanese traditional paper twisted into a twisted shape) workshop.
At the Japanese film screening, two Japanese movies "Every Day a Good Day" and "Poppin Q" (with Arabic subtitles) were screened. The stage program included MATCHA tea ceremony demonstration by Mr.Miki Takamori, martial arts programs such as IAIDO, KARATE, and KENDO, music concert, and a VR art performance by Ms.Aimi Sekiguchi, attracting a large number of visitors.
 In addition, the Japanese Speech Contest held on 18th, witnessed 17 Saudi contestants and they delivered high-level speeches.

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