Japanese Ambassador visits Petro Rabigh

On the 18th and 19th of March, Japanese Ambassador Tsukasa Uemura visited Petro Rabigh located in about 150 kilometers north of Jeddah, and had a meeting with Mr. Nasser D.Al-Mahasher (President & CEO of Petro Rabigh) and Mr. Osamu Ishitobi (Chairman of the Board at Sumitomo Chemical Company), and a tour of the petrochemical plant. The visit included a tour of “Rabigh Plastic Technical Center”, owned and operated by Sumitomo Chemical, and “Rabigh PlusTech Park”, jointly operated by Saudi Aramco and Sumitomo Chemical, and a meeting with Mr. Naoyuki Inoue (Executive Officer), Mr. Seiji Takeuchi (Executive Officer), and Mr.Yoshizumi Sasaki (Executive Officer) of Sumitomo Chemical, about the business overview of Petro Rabigh and affiliated companies.

Petro Rabigh is a joint venture company between Aramco and Sumitomo Chemical, established in 2005 and has been a flagship project of petrochemical complex between Saudi Arabia and Japan. The 2nd phase project started in 2012 and aimed to supply the high-value-added products, thorough the expansion and integration of the existing complex, with the expanded ethane cracker and the world largest aromatic plant.
In the 2nd phase project, in order to integrate with the existing plant and transfer the technologies to the operators, Sumitomo Chemical organized “Additional Sumitomo Team (AST, experts of plant operation)” from the plants in Japan and overseas and sent to Petro Rabigh, as well as introducing the original technologies of Sumitomo Chemical.

In this site tour, we had an opportunity to deliver the encouragement to Japanese operators and engineers who have transferred the implicit knowledge to the operators of Petro Rabigh and soon finish the assignment in Saudi Arabia. It will become hopefully the pride and self-confidence of Sumitomo Chemical that they have engaged in the human resource development and contributed as a partner to the sustainable development of this joint venture, besides the completion of the facilities.