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Application for Extension of Re-entry permits


Applicant is required to come to the visa counter of the embassy of Japan in person.
Application for extension will be acceptable only when the Re-entry permit is still valid.

Submitting documents

  1. 1(one) Application form (click here to download )
  2. Passport
  3. Alien Registration Card ( Original )
  4. Documents detailing the reason
    Fee SR:105 (as of 1 April 2015)

Transferring a visa to a new passport

If the holder of a double-entry or multiple-entry visa obtains a new passport while the visa is still valid, he or she can have the visa transferred from the old passport to the new one at the Embassy. Please note, however, that in this case the double-entry or multiple-entry visa in the old passport must still be valid.

Please submit the APPLICATION FOR TRANSFER OF VISA with the old passport and a new passport. Passport will be ready to pick-up on the following day. No fee required.

Questions & Answers

  1. Q: I have to apply for a visa for a country other than Japan. Can I apply a visa with copy of my passport?

    A: No. Please refer to Submitting documents


  2. Q: Can I ask Japanese company to send documents directly to the Embassy of Japan?

    A: No. The documents concerned should be submitted together with applications.


  3. Q: Can you issue a visa on the same day of having my application submitted to you in emergency situations?

    A: Urgent issuance of visas in emergency situations will only be considered on genuinely humanitarian grounds as a serious and fatal illness of a relative in Japan or his/her persistent state of unconsciousness etc.


  4. Q: Does visa guarantees a landing permission in Japan?

    A: No, visa is only recommendation and does not automatically guarantee landing permission.
    It is a kind of certificate issued by the Embassy verifying that the foreigner’s passport is genuine and valid and that the application for a stay in Japan for the purpose and period indicated on the visa has been deemed appropriate.
    Landing permission is stamped by immigration officers at the airport.
    Please refer to Visa System in Japan. ( What is landing permission?)


  5. Entering Japan – Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: I would like to bring plants/animals into Japan. Where can I obtain information on Quarantines?

    A: Please refer to:
    The Plant Protection Station Website

    The Animal Quarantine Website


    Q: I want to bring some souvenirs. Where can I find information on customs regulations?

    A: Please refer to the Japanese Customs Website.

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