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Certificate of Criminal Record

1.Applicants eligible for the certificate

    When you are requested by foreign authorities (ex. an embassy, immigration agency and others) to submit a police clearance certificate to them, Japanese Police Authorities will issue it only to the following persons.

    ①Residents (or Alien Registration Certificate holders) registered in Japan
    ②Residents (or Alien Registration Certificate holders) registered in Japan before living overseas.

    An application by those who is below 14 years is not principally acceptable.

2.Documents required for application
    ① Valid passport
    ② Iqama
    ③ Application Form
    ④ Application form for Fingerprints which will be taken at the Embassy
3.  Fee

    no fee

4. Note
    ① An applicant must come to the Embassy in person for giving fingerprints.
    ② It takes about 2 months ( 1 month at Police Authority for insurance procedures and 2 -3 weeks for sending documents between the Embassy and Japan ). The Embassy will inform to receive the certificate by applicant him/her self only.
    ③ The Certificate can be arranged to pick up by an applicant only in Japan or another Embassy abroad, during his/her traveling.
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