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Ambassador's Message

Message from the Ambassador of Japan, H.E. Mr. Tsukasa Uemura

7th January, 2018

Hello, my name is Tsukasa Uemura. I feel truly honorable to be appointed as Japanese ambassador to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the period of big transitions taking place here in a variety of areas from politics, economy, to culture, and others.

Twenty years have passed since I was appointed to the Kingdom for the first time as councilor of political affairs, and since then Riyadh has undergone considerable changes; the city has sprawled with increasing high-rise buildings and flourishing greeneries. The trees planted in the diplomatic quarter must have grown taller than they used to be twenty years ago. Looking at those changes in the city's landscape, I am convinced that the relationship between Japan and Saudi Arabia has huge potential for development likewise, and renew my determination to make the development come true to the best of my endeavor.


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