The 13th Japanese Speech Contest in Saudi Arabia, Riyadh


1, Event Information
Date: Friday, March 17, 2023
Time:18:00~(Door Open 17:30)
Place: Literary Club in Riyadh(location)
Organizer: The Embassy of Japan in KSA
Co-organizer : Ministry of Culture, Literary Club in Riyadh
Contact: The Embassy of Japan in KSA Riyadh, Cultural Affairs & Public Relations section (, +96611-488-1100)
Application Deadline: Sunday, March 5, 2023
2, Entry Qualifications
Eligible candidates fulfill the following;
(1)Non-native Japanese speaker and resident of Saudi Arabia
(2)If the participant's nationality is other than Saudi, the total period of residence in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia must be at least 5 years.
(3)Applicants must have studied or be currently studying Japanese.
(4)If the applicants resides in Japan, the total period of residence must not exceed 5 years.
Participation can be rejected in the following cases;
(1) Lack of Japanese language skills.
(2) If the participant's speech is offensive to public order and morals.
3, Entry
Submit the Application form with Short video and Speech Summery.
Application Form
*Short video must be recorded in Japanese to introduce yourself (maximum 30seconds ).
4, Speech Categories
The theme of the speech will be "Bonds(KIZUNA)" or "Challenge(CHOUSEN)".
Category Time Limit Theme Specifications
Beginner Level 1-3
Advanced Level 3-5
Participants will be given a question by one judge related his/her speech in Japanese, Answer to the question.
* Applicants must choose theme and the level when apply.
*Depending on the Japanese short video applicants submit, participant may be requested to change his/her level.
*Applicants must choose one theme, "Bonds(KIZUNA)" or "Challenge(CHOUSEN)". Other theme will NOT be allowed to be selected.
*No statements of a political nature are NOT allowed.
 * Participants may bring notes during speeches, however participants should look at the audience and are encouraged not to read the text during their speeches.
 * Microphones will be provided by the organizers.
 * After the contest, participants will have the opportunity to get acquainted with several well-known Japanese companies in Saudi Arabia and exchange views with their officials.
5, Judging
 ●Prizes will be awarded based on the following rules: grammar, pronunciation, content of the speech, and ability to answer the judges' questions.
 ●Power points Slides, distributing brochures, displaying photographs or any other tools used for illustration will not be permitted during your speech.
●Participants must not bring items such as cell phones, cameras, or musical instruments onto the platform.
●Prizes will be awarded to participants in both groups.
●Contest conditions are subject to change without notice.
If you have any questions, please contact us, 
We look forward to seeing you at the 13th Japanese Speech Contest in Saudi Arabia, Riyadh. Good luck.