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October 4, 2015


The 8th Japanese Speech Contest in Saudi Arabia


Saturday, 12th December 2015, 16:00-19:00 (tentative)

Organized by

Embassy of Japan in Saudi Arabia


Ambassador's Residence, D.Q., Riyadh

For Audiences

  • Advance Registration is necessary.
  • Please download the registration form from HERE and send it to e-mail: Cultural Section
        BEFORE Tuesday, 8th December, Seats are limited.

  • To Apply

    Participants must submit required documents below to the Embassy via e-mail: Cultural Section

  • Application Form
  • Speech draft: Draft must be typed by using Microsoft Word or written by hand.
    Draft can be in Romaji or Japanese alphabets (Hiragana, Kanji, Katakana: these three can be mixed)
  • Due date: Sunday, 29th November

  • Criteria of Participation

  • Participants must be of non-Japanese nationality
  • Participants must have experiences of learning Japanese and can deliver a speech in it.
  • If participants have been to Japan, the period of stay must not exceed 10 years in total.
  • For participants with non-Saudi nationality, the period of residence in Saudi Arabia must exceed 5 years in total.
  • Participants must send required documents by 29th November.

  • Contest Group Classifications

    The participants will be divided and judged in two groups. In addition to that, male and female will participate separately.

    (1) Standard level group
    Participants those who have never been to Japan before, or have stayed in Japan less than 6 months in total.

    (2) Advanced level group
    Participants those who have stayed in Japan more than 6 months in total.

    Rules (both groups)

  • Theme of speeches must be "Japan and Saudi Arabia" or "Japan that I love".
  • Duration of speech must be between 4 and 6 minutes.
  • Question from judges will follow the speech.
  • Besides the theme, participants should specify the title of speech on application form.
  • Speeches will be judged by the qualities of grammar, pronunciation, content, answer to the judges etc. Each member of the judging panel will mark the score and winner will be awarded according to aggregated score.
  • Participants should not read their scripts during delivering speech.
  • Participants are prohibited to use Power Points, to hand out pamphlets or show photos during the speech. Do not bring any goods on the podium such as: mobile phones, photo, camera, music instruments, etc. Microphone will be provided by the organizer.
  • Female participants may cover their hair and face if they wish.
  • Speeches with political implication are prohibited.
  • The Embassy will check the draft of the speech sent in advance. In the following cases, the applicant will be rejected.
    (1) The script is utterly incomprehensible due to the applicant's lack of competency in Japanese composition.
    (2) The speech which harms public order and moral.
  • The winners from the two groups will receive prize.
  • Any questions should be inquired to the Embassy by e-mail


    (c) Embassy of Japan in Saudi Arabia