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Other Categories

1. Foreign-Government Sponsored Students

◆King Abdullah Scholarship program (KASP) has been implemented here in the Kingdom since 2005

◆Japan has received more than 300 Saudi students for 4 years since 2006 when Japan became one of the destination countries of the program

◆Please contact to the Ministry of Higher Education, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Tokyo - Cultural Office

2. Privately Financed Foreign Students

◆Students are accepted after domestic or foreign selection upon applying directly to the school from his / her own country

◆Students first enroll in a private Japanese language institute and complete preparatory education of about 1 year in duration.  Then students apply to the school of his / her choice.

◆Because the process differs according to the university or graduate school, please be sure to confirm the selection process

  • - University:
  • - Graduate School:

  • 3. Short-term Study and Student Exchange Program

    ◆Short-term study programs for foreign students in which classes can be taken in English
    (Undergraduate level)

  • - National university:
  • - Private university:
  • ◆JASSO International Student Scholarship for Short-term Study in Japan :

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