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HE Mr. Shigeru Endo,
Ambassador of Japan in Saudi Arabia

Message from Mr. Endo

It is with great honor and pleasure that I serve again in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, a country with great power and potential as well as magnificent culture. Over the past two years, I worked hard to strengthen the Japan-Tunisian relations as Ambassador of Japan in Tunisia. Now, I feel huge responsibilities are on my shoulders as I assume my new mission here in Saudi Arabia.

Undoubtedly, Saudi Arabia is an influential country in the Arab-Islamic world, accounting for 30% of Japan’s crude oil import. Moreover, Saudi Arabia plays a very important role in realizing the region’s peace and stability, thus indirectly securing the prosperity for Japan. Now, I am determined more than ever to further deepen the bond with such an important and friendly nation for Japan.

I am quite impressed by the progress the Kingdom has achieved over the past ten years, the period in which I worked at the Embassy of Japan in Riyadh. Also, compared with the period of my previous mission in the Kingdom, Japan-Saudi relations have remarkably expanded and deepened in a variety of fields.

I am happy to mention here that Japan is now ranked almost top among the world’s leading countries in terms of investment in Saudi Arabia. In the field of human resource development, the Saudi Japanese Automobile High Institute (SJAHI), established ten years ago by Japan in cooperation with Saudi Arabia, has produced so far more than 1,200 graduates. Besides, the Higher Institute for Plastics Fabrication started to function successfully in Riyadh and the Saudi Electronics and Home Appliances Institute (SEHAI) has inaugurated on September 26, 2009.

In addition, over the past three years, Japan received about 250 Saudi students on the King Abdullah Scholarship Program. Japan and Saudi Arabia now walk hand in hand steadily toward the strategic, multilayered partnership.

In order to strengthen the overall Japan-Saudi partnership, I intend to work harder than ever in continuing to strengthen the Japan-Saudi commercial and trade ties and enhance the cooperation in the field of education, arts, culture, and human resource development.

Now is time for not only diplomats but everyone involved in international affairs to participate in diplomacy as a whole and play their role under the banner of “All Japan” diplomacy. With this in mind, I would like to further promote the friendship with Saudi Arabia in close cooperation with Japanese communities in and outside the Kingdom. I highly appreciate your cooperation and understanding. Thank you very much.

Embassy Information

Location Diplomatic Quarter, Riyadh

Mailing Address Embassy of Japan
P.O. Box 4095, Riyadh 11491
Telephone 01-488-1100
Fax 01-488-0189
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Working hours 8:00~16:30
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