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Embassy's Highlights 2017

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Japanese Ambassador’s Cup of Judo 2017

On May 5, in collaboration with Saudi Judo and Jiujitsu Federation and Public Security Training Affairs, Embassy of Japan in Saudi Arabia held Ambassador’s Cup of Judo in the frame of Saudi Open Championship of Judo. The championship consists of Kumite matches in various weight categories, Kata—demonstration of pre-arranged patterns—and Self Defense technique, and Ambassador Norihiro Okuda awarded prizes to the winners.

The First Japanese Full Orchestra Concert in Saudi Arabia

On April 13, as the main event of Japan Week, a special orchestra of more than 80 Japanese musicians achieved the first concert at King Fahd Cultural Center.
Upon opening the hall, the theater was filled to capacity. On behalf of the King, the concert started in the presence of H.E. Dr. Adel Al-Toraifi, Minister of Culture and Information. The audience enjoyed splendid renditions of various repertories from western classic standards to Japanese folklore-based songs with traditional instruments like taiko drum. Thunderous ovations reverberated through the hall, which symbolically marked the historic moment of cultural cooperation between Japan and Saudi Arabia.

Japan Cultural Week

On April 13 and 14, the Embassy of Japan showcased a great variety of Japanese culture to the Saudi public through “Japan Week” at King Fahd Cultural Center, in collaboration with Ministry of Culture and Information.
In addition to the main event—Japanese Full Orchestra Concert, attendees enjoyed Japanese company booths and Embassy booth with Japanese cultural exhibition such as Kimono provided by UTIC Co.Ltd from Japan and Arts and Skills Institute of Saudi Arabia. During the exhibition time, visitors also enjoyed a number of events such as Martial Arts Demonstration, Lectures on Japan and Japanese language, music workshop and film screenings.

Participation in the Riyadh International Book Fair 2017

The Embassy of Japan set up the Japan Booth at the Riyadh International Book Fair 2017, which was held from 8th to 18th of March. A wide range of Japanese books was displayed in the booth, and Saudi students, who study Japanese language in King Saud University, demonstrated Japanese culture such as Japanese calligraphy and Origami.

Judo expert's visit to Saudi Arabia

From March 7th to 15th, Japanese Judo experts, Mr. Hirotaka Okada, Associate Professor of Tsukuba University, and Mr. Yuki Sannohe were dispatched to Saudi Judo Federation. They visited Riyadh and gave instructions on Judo technics as well as fine manners of Japanese Budo for Saudi Judo coaches and players.

Participation in “Saudi ComicCon”

From 16th to 18th February, the Embassy of Japan participated in “Saudi ComicCon” in Jeddah, which is the first-ever event in Saudi Arabia. Japanese Manga and Anime are popular in Saudi Arabia and there were many exhibitions related to Japanese Pop-culture at “Saudi ComicCon”. Many Saudi young people visited to Japan Booth and they enjoyed a wide variety of Japanese culture such as traditional and modern one.

Karate expert's visit to Saudi Arabia

From January 10th to 19th, four Japanese Karate experts, Mr. Yoshihiko Tokuno, Mr. Takashi Yamaguchi, Mr. Yuta Suto and Mr. Shohei Toyama were dispatched to Saudi Karate Federation by the Sport Diplomacy Promotion Project of MOFA of Japan. They visited Riyadh and Jeddah and gave instructions on Karate technics as well as fine manners of Japanese Budo for Saudi Karate coaches and players.

Sports Reception

On the 12th of January, Japanese Ambassador to Riyadh, H.E. Mr. Norihiro Okuda welcomed representatives of General Authority for Sports and Saudi Sports Federations to his residence and held a reception for celebrating the invigorated bilateral cooperation between Saudi Arabia and Japan in sports fields under the Joint Saudi-Japanese Group for Vision 2030.